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Wednesdays • 7:00 pm
Mixed Group study of Genesis
Join us for a group study of the Book of Genesis! Our group is mixed, and all are welcome! We'll either meet in the Kidscoast room at the McClellanville Campus, or outside under the tent weather permitting as this will help with social distancing! Wednesdays at 7pm, mix of couples and singles
Campus McClellanville Type General Bible Studies
Thursdays • 6:00 pm
Mixed Group study of the Feasts of Israel
We are excited to start a new study on the feasts of Israel as laid out in the Old Testament. In preparation you can read Leviticus 23 and any other material you find on these God-appointed times. We plan to sit in an arrangement that keeps us at a good distance, and please plan to wear masks when close to each other. We will not be sharing food, but will each bring our own drink. Depending on the weather we may sit on the porch so bring a flashlight for reading. There is lighting but it’s not bright enough to read small print. We'll meet on Thursdays at 6:30pm!
Campus McClellanville Type Co-Ed
Thursdays • 11:30 am
Women's study of Revelation
Ladies, join us for a study of the book of Revelation! We'll meet at 11:30 on Thursday's at the Cartwright's home. Bring your own lunch and drink!
Campus McClellanville Type General Bible Studies