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Tuesdays • 6:30 pm
Classes | Freedom Course and Retreat
Coleaded by Nicole and Nick Boyle. Join us for this 12-week Small Group journey designed to equip you to live the victorious and abundant life Christ came to give you. Freedom Groups build on the foundation of your faith in Christ to help you embrace the truth of God’s Word as it relates to your struggles, your past, your personal value to God, and your purpose in His Kingdom. This group will help you remove every obstacle to intimacy with God and walk in true freedom. Freedom Groups gather weekly to discuss the Freedom Small Group curriculum followed by a Freedom Retreat that every Freedom Group member is encouraged to attend. The Freedom Retreat focuses on solidifying what you learned in Freedom by helping you take the next steps to overcome your past and lay a foundation for walking in daily freedom.
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Virtual Tuesdays • 6:30 pm
Classes | Griefshare
This 13-week support group meets virtually for people grieving the death of someone close. Each session includes a video featuring top experts on grief, small group discussion, and group activities. This class is offered twice a year: January and September. For more information please visit the National Website: griefshare.org. The next group begins in September. If you are interested in attending this class, we will send you a registration link to register for Griefshare. Christene Gillis is our Irmo coordinator and will act as your local coach.
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Co-Ed | BIble Study with Daniel and Sarah Rendelman
Daniel and Sarah Rendelman Lead this Small group that focuses on various Bible studies. Daniel has a great background in Old Testament studies and is a wonderful teacher.
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Fridays • 6:30 pm
Co-Ed | General: Chapin - Chad & Andrea Stefaniak
Co-leaders: Chad & Andrea Stefaniak. This group is for everyone, married, single, etc. Childcare is available and meets every Friday at 6:30.
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Wednesdays • 7:00 pm
College/20s | Joey Parks & Sierra Klauk
College & 20's. This group is lead by Joey Parks & Sierra Klauk and the group is open to College students and other young adults. Meets at the church building. They also plan group outings on regular basis.
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Thursdays • 7:00 pm
Married | Irmo/Chapin - Jeff & Keitha Cowen
Lead by Jeff & Keitha Cowen. Meets every other Thursday. This group is open to couples of all ages and is made up mostly of couples who are empty-nesters or have older children. Contact for current meeting day and time.
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Sundays • 5:00 pm
Married | Lexington - Rikard and Smoak
Co-leaders: Calvin and Lindsay Rikard, and Kevin and Janet Smoak. This small group meets twice a month at the Rikard's home in Lexington. You'll learn from God's Word and find some great friends.
Campus Irmo Type Married
Thursdays • 6:30 pm
Married | Newberry - Chuck & Joette Ward
Co-Leaders: Chuch & Joette Ward. This married group meets in Newberry. Group meets for dinner followed by Bible study. Enjoy a great time of fellowship and growing in God's Word.
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Thursdays • 9:00 am
Men's | Men's Thursday Breakfast Group
Co-leaders: Andy Jackson & Jeff Cowen. This group meets every Thursday at 9 am for breakfast and discussion. Location: Eggs Up Grill Ballentine, 1180 Dutch Fork Rd, Irmo, SC.
Campus Irmo Type Men's
Tuesdays • 6:30 pm
Men's | Tuesday Men's Group - Paul Hughes
This group is for men who recognize we all need the encouragement of other men to live lives of integrity and grow in our relationship with Christ. Meets every Tuesday at at 6:30 pm.
Campus Irmo Type Men's
Tuesdays • 10:00 am
Woman's | Women's Bible Study
Keitha Cowen and Lisa Driskal will lead this lady's small group meets during the daytime on Tuesdays at the church. Time TBD.
Campus Irmo Type Women's
Women's | Monthly Lunch
Organized by Jenny Jackson this group meets monthly for lunch. Usually the third Wednesday of the month. Location is emailed to the group beforehand.
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Tuesdays • 6:30 pm
Women's | Tuesday Ladies Group
Lead by Melissa Turner and Jenny Jackson, this Ladies' group is centered around the Bible and various books they work through together. Like book club only better.
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